People In Crisis United is an organization developed to improve the quality of life for children and families at Holtz Children’s Hospital. Holtz Children’s Hospital has served the community since 1918 and is one of the largest children’s hospitals in the southeast United States. Our mission is to nurture and nourish patients and their families during times of medical need by providing resources to satisfy social, palliative, emotional, and holistic needs. We encourage all of the local community to participate by whatever means possible. We have set high goals because we are counting on all of you for help and support.

PICU Prom 2014!!


People In Crisis United is a local non-profit, 501 C-3, organization that strives to bring a sense of normalcy to the kids and families being treated at Holtz Children’s Hospital. We do this by providing “make-a-wish” activities, field trips to local events, gas and meal cards to families, monthly family dinners, funeral funding when needed, among many other services. People In Crisis United has recently teamed up with Taylor Sennett, a student from Miami Country Day School’s Anchor Club, to host a prom for the teenage patients at Holtz Children’s Hospital. We are looking for the community’s support to make this a night to remember for these deserving young people.

Prom is a very special time in a teenager’s life. The memories and friendships built during prom and in preparation for “the prom” last a lifetime. Unfortunately, for many teens being treated at Holtz, their lifetimes consist of months living in hospital rooms and sterile environments with limited human contact due to severe, life altering, and often life ending illnesses. They miss out on this special time because they spend so much time in the hospital and because death or illness seems to loom at the most important times. This is when the hospital becomes the afflicted teens’ respite and sanctuary; their “home”. We at People In Crisis United are so excited to team with Taylor Sennett, who wants to make a night of special adventure, unforeseen excitement, and one that brings to fruition long forgotten expectations. Together, Taylor, our organization, the community, and the doctors, nurses, and support staff, who are the extended families and often only families of these teens, can make a Prom for these teens. A prom; a simple night of pleasure, imagination, dress up and pure teen experience, can finally come to these very deserving teens, forsaken of the experience only because of illness. Can you remember your prom? More importantly, can you envision theirs?

Some of our teens at Holtz, luckily, become healthy enough to return home, but are not able to participate in school or school activities because of immunity issues, or limitations caused by medical need or physical limitation. We would like to give these teens, along with teens who call the hospital home, a chance to celebrate this special time in their lives with their family, friends from the hospital, and inclusive of all caregivers who wish to enhance the experience through donation of time, involvement in planning, preparing and decorating, or assisting at the event itself. We hope to help create memories that will last a lifetime for these teenagers that have become inspirations of hope and a heros to us all.

We are asking for the community’s support as we plan the event of the year for the teenagers treated at Holtz Children’s Hospital. We need your help both financially and with in kind donations to make this event a success. What would a prom be without a beautiful dress, a new hair due, freshly polished nails for the girls, and a crisp new shirt, tie, and dress slacks, with shiny shoes to match for the guys? Anything you can do to give these teens a night of normalcy in what is a very less than normal life; a night of excitement instead of an evening of pain; an experience not just of their lifetimes, but of yours, will be infinitely appreciated and sure to give these kids smiles to last for eternity.

The Holtz teen community is an eclectic mix of laughing and life-loving youth. They are just like your teen children, friends, and children of friends, except for one thing. These teens suffer myriad life altering and often life threatening and life ending illnesses. They are your kids, except for their cancers, their transplants, there immune disorders, their car accidents, burns, and broken bodies. They are your kids, except they cannot go home and, if they go home, they cannot go to school, let alone a football game, or – THE PROM. Let’s give them their prom; let’s give them a normal night, so that, for just this one night, these kids can be JUST LIKE your kids.

Prom will be hosted at Holtz Children’s Hospital April 24th 2014, from 7:30-10:30pm. Below is a list of opportunities begging your support that is needed to achieve our goal:

• Catering
• Decorations (Theme??)(party planner/organizer)
• Photography/Videographer (Entrance pictures, pictures at the event, photo booth,)
• Entertainment (DJ/Live music)
• Flowers (centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres)
• Dresses, accessories, and shoes for the girls/ gift cards
• Outfits and shoes for the boys/gift cards
• Salon for hair, makeup, and/or nails the day of the event/gift cards (Holtz Day Spa)
• Gifts for the teens attending the prom
• Save the date and invitations
• Fundraising opportunities

We look forward to participating with you to make this event very special for these deserving teens. All donations of goods, dollars and time are fully tax deductible through People In Crisis United, Inc. (PICU), and 100% of your donation will be used for this event. PICU is a fully volunteer organization, with no paid staff and no cost overhead. All donations are used for our programs and event donations, such as these, are used to enhance and enlarge the experience. Our hope is to make this event an extravaganza unlike any prom you may remember or any imagined by these teens. For some or our teens, this may, unfortunately, be their life end dream and your help to make their wishes come true, will, we know, grow your heart immensely greater than you can ever expect. These teens are all brave beyond belief; they never ask for anything; they always smile, even through tears of pain; their will to live exceeds their desire to be free of pain; they are the embodiment of the finest of humankind. Help us to help you to give them a night to remember, a memory they will take into eternity.

Your company will be advertised as our sponsors on all media relations regarding the event. We look forward to participating with you as we work to change a life one smile at a time!